What you may not know about your dry eyes.

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About 26 million Americans live with some form of dry eye affliction. Did you know your tears help your vision? Dry eye can decrease your visual quality by 50%! Think of your vision before work and after work. Your tears create a thin layer on the front surface of the eye that makes it a bit thicker and smoothes out any imperfections on the surface of your eye. Without this important fluid layer you may experience some relevant vision loss. Dry eye is not the type of thing that just goes away by itself. If not treated, it will get worse.

The good news is that we can help and there are a few things you can do at home to help your eyes recover. First, make a appointment with us for a comprehensive eye exam by calling (615) 295-8585. Your eye health is important to us and we can detect and monitor many health issues through our thorough examination. Also, there are different types of dry eye conditions. There is much more to optometry than prescribing new glasses or contacts but we will, of course, gladly help you in that area as well.

Second, don't use any of the "get the red out" drops. It feels good and cooling initially but only exacerbates the problem in the long term because it simply constricts blood vessels to make your eye look better but NEVER gets to the root of the problem.

Third, apply a warm compress to your eyelids. The heat opens up the oil glands which in turn is the layer that prevents your tears from evaporating. We sell an awesome mask you can put in the microwave and then apply to your eyelids but you can also soak a wash cloth in warm water and apply that to your eyelids.

Lastly, there are eye drops that you can use to help replace the fluid layer of the tears.  My recommendations are based on the type of dry eye you have. One product does not fit all situations.

Many more treatment options exist so if you are having problems even though you are doing the warm compresses and tears, please come see us.