We believe in Murfreesboro

We thought that we should explain ourselves in this first blog post. Why is Focus Eyecare here (philosophically and geographically) and why are we thankful...

Philosophy: We believe an important cornerstone to eye health is community. To live in it and to know the people that comprise it. We will be there for patients because frankly, if we're not, you can tell us about it the next time we see you at the grocery store. That is accountability that we think you won't find from big box stores and chains. Come on in and give us a try.

Geography: Murfreesboro was there for us. Our move to Tennessee was not specific. The search was on for areas that had growth and perhaps needed more optometry choices. We were welcomed here with almost immeasurable growth, great neighbors and good schools for our young children. The choice was clear.

Thank you Murfreesboro for opening yourself up to small local businesses such as ours. We enjoy the friendly people in this town, if we haven't met you yet, drop by our shop and say hello.

Chris Vanderhoof